2016 National Teacher of the Year Finalist | 2016 Washington State Teacher of the Year | 2014 Milken National Teaching Award | Co-Founder of Teachers United | AP Government & Politics | AP Human Geography | Host the Nerd Farmer Podcast

I'm a veteran teacher trying to decipher the education policies and social politics that impact my students, my classroom, and my practice.


Why does this space exist?

Effective teachers of color face a dilemma: we know -- more than anyone, the urgent need for change -- we get that the status-quo screws our kids. But at the same time we also see a reform movement that "has all the answers" and doesn't want or value our experience, insights, or expertise. 

If we want to be heard, on our terms, then when must create our own spaces.


I proudly ride with #Educolor and #TU253