Ep. 21: "Building a Better School System in Washington State (Hopefully)" with State Superintendent Chris Reykdal


Chris Reykdal is the Superintendent of Schools in Washington State. He’s a former Democratic lawmaker from Olympia who resides in Tumwater and lives to help the students in Washington. He and Nate spent time talking about improving education, wishlists in a changing world, and the Rightful Secretary of Education Tony Evers of Wisconson.

Chris has great ideas on getting parents involved, working with children in homes with foster parents, and standardized testing.

Find out what Washington schools would be like if Chris were “King of Education,” what it means to “design school backwards” and what Mr. Reykdal thinks of Betsy Devos.

“Speaking Multiple Languages is a beautiful thing.”

To Better Educate in a Perfect World:

  1. Longer K-8 School years

  2. Infuse 2nd language learning beginning in kindergarten

  3. Give more time for student learning

  4. Middle school begins career exploration

  5. Move standardized testing to 10th grade

  6. Find multiple ways to demonstrate proficiency

  7. By 11th and 12th grades, let them go touch the world: (i.e. high school credit for employment, dual college credit, while working)

Hot Take 5

  1. How are you feeling about Cougar football?

  2. Best place in Olympia to get lunch?

  3. What are your thoughts on the Washington Governor democratic primary?

  4. Best book you’ve read in the last year?

  5. What would you put under the tree for every student in Washington?

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