Episode 2: Derek Young, Pierce County Council - Stop Worrying About Trump and Get Active Locally

On this episode Derek and Nate discussed Derek’s 18 year career in politics that began when he ran for city council at 20 years old and won by 2 votes.

Derek discussed the struggles and assets of Tacoma and Gig Harbor, the growing pains around infrastructure, dealing with politics on a regional level, and the importance of getting involved to promote change.

Derek also explained how local government impacts our day-to-day lives more than than folks realize. County government is responsible for criminal justice, public health, human services, and many other public departments. Major issues plaguing Tacoma are mental and public health.

Derek has some advice for “young” people on how to get involved. “One of the biggest issues we have is housing. Our housing prices are getting out of control… [Get involved in the housing situation] if you have any hope of saving a few bucks or paying off your student loans when you’re done.”

In 2018, Derek Young is up for re-election. He doesn’t plan on pausing his job to run his campaign.

Things to Note: We have 7 members on the County Council: 4 Republicans and 3 Democrats. This will likely be the only episode of the show where Nate doesn't say something salty about Derek's colleague Pam Roach.

Who does Derek listen to?:

  • Ryan Mello, Tacoma City Councilperson
  • Lyle Quasim, Community Leader
  • Laurie Jinkins, State Representative, 27th District, Tacoma

What’s it like working with Bruce Dammeier (R), Pierce County Executive: He hasn’t put a bad foot forward. He’s listening to the right people, he hired a well known democrat as the COO, discovered Pierce county has positive cash, he’s making investments in public safety.

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