Episode 4: Mayoral Race, Food Deserts, and Spanky Burger with Korbett Mosesly & Zach Powers

Korbett Mosesly: Non-Profit Extraordinaire

Zach Powers: Political Strategist, Creative Type, PR for the Evergreen State College

Nate sits down with Korbett Mosesly and Zach Powers to discuss the current mayoral race, economic issues and commercial real estate in Tacoma.

The trio started off by kicking around their thoughts about the candidates for Tacoma’s mayor. Should we have a third candidate? A two democrat mayoral race in the works poses questions of economic issues, jobs, and putting our residents first (a new candidate has entered the race since the recording of the episode).

In Tacoma, as everywhere, the people need to find something they’re interested in, get connected, do research, and do something about it. Cultivating leadership where you stand is an important step in changing the world around oneself.

Korbett, Zach, and Nate have strong feelings concerning the grocery store situation in Tacoma, especially the "Hilltop Safeway". The gentlemen talked about the ‘food deserts’ around town and what it would look like to upgrade or cultivate markets with fresh produce and meat in neighborhoods like Salishan and Hilltop.

The three finish the conversation with a diatribe about empty storefronts on 6th Avenue and soon-to-be ‘Spanky Burger.’ Nate lost it and laughed for a solid three minutes.


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Shalisa Hays

Who is doing good work?

Jacque Colon Health Equity Coordinator

Justin Camarata  


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