Episode 7: Justin Camarata and Linda Isenson -- #JimJensen, the Trouble With Bubbles & Prescriptions for Popping Them

Graphic created by Vanessa Otero,  @vlotero

Graphic created by Vanessa Otero, @vlotero

#JimJensen, the Trouble With Bubbles & Prescriptions for Popping Them with Linda Isenson and Justin Camarata

Justin (local citizen activist), Linda (former chair of Pierce County Democrats), and Nate (Nerdfarmer) had a conversation about their respective ideological bubbles. Whether these bubbles be conservative, liberal, Antifa, or Libertarian -- we live in hubs created of our own predilections. How do we leave our bubbles and move forward in conversations and create a space for peace? This episode explores two examples of bubbles in the news: 

The Situation at Evergreen State College, the trio dug into Day of Absence and the firestorm created by a professor who decided to go on cable news, rather than talk within his learning community. Protesting should cause discomfort, but not death threats and disaster. An event meant to cause awareness went badly awry. In doing so the story jumped from lefty campus bubble into a violent right-wing one.

Jim The Man Jensen is a keyboard warrior, turned aspiring politician with strong negative feelings and hot takes about women, people of color, and low-income families. Before his campaign for Port Commissioner, he used his platform for distasteful, inappropriate tweets that subsequently led to Jim ending his campaign. Life lesson folks, tweets can be deleted, but screenshots are forever, Man.


Bursting Bubbles, we all want the same things. How do we get there? How do we come together? We can all stand at our opposing ends and meet halfway. We, as humans, all strive for love, security, and belonging. There are no humans to demonize, only humans with whom to compromise.

 Prescriptions for Bubble Popping:

  • Be aware of and acknowledge your bubbles
  • Promote tolerance within your bubbles.
  • Pop the bubbles by diversifying your media consumption.
  • Have real life relationships OUTSIDE of your bubbles.
  • Go talk to your conservative uncle
  • Remember, we have more in common than we don’t. 

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