Ep. 48: A Mid-Term Audio Voters’ Guide -- Christina Blocker, Archway Consulting and Jenny Jacobs, Citizen Tacoma


The mid-term elections are coming up and this time they feel a tad more dire than most years. Y’all need to vote. Hell, in Washington State we vote by mail and you can register online. Don’t be basic. Don’t be cute. Just vote.

On this episode we had on political strategist (and possessor of one of the best laughs on Earth) Christina Blocker and Jenny Jacobs, host of Channel 253’s Citizen Tacoma. We worked through the Washington State and Pierce County Voters’ Guides and gave our takes on all the initiatives, charter amendments, judicial races, legislative races, and stupid Eyman inspired “advisory votes.”

Listen this episode, share it with your peeps, but most importantly vote like your life depends on it, because for many folks in marginalized communities--especially undocumented people and the transgender community--it does.  

Going Further

Washington State Voters’ Guide

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