Ep. 29: Talking Congressional Gridlock, Jobs, and Star Wars -- Congressman Derek Kilmer, WA-6


Derek Kilmer is the democratic representative of Washington’s 6th district as well as a father, nature lover, and Star Wars Fan. Hailing from from Port Angeles, WA, the self-proclaimed nerd was elected into office on November, 6 2012. Kilmer holds a B.A. in Public and International Affairs from Princeton as well as an M.A. and a PhD in Comparative Social Policy and Intervention from University of Oxford.

5:30 This week Nate begins the conversation with Congressman Kilmer asking “What are the biggest differences between his past work in Olympia and his current work in in Washington DC?”

9:45 Derek talks about The Bipartisan Working Group that meets for breakfast every week, in which they hash out over hashbrowns. The group does three things: a) make pitches, brainstorm; b) tell the group what each of them is working on and; c) they discuss the big issues facing our country.

12:45 How the division in politics, particularly the Hastert Rule is causing stagnation and preventing policy change in the country.

16:45 Congressman Kilmer discusses most effective ways to engage with Congress, as well as the least effective methods. Derek gives great insight on qualitative versus quantitative tactics of citizen involvement. Hint: Be impactful. Begin where you are.

22:00 There are 537 elected federal officials. What is the role of the federal government’s as it pertains to gun violence, school shooting, and the opioid crisis? What can we do? Hint: Don’t Agonize. Organize.

“I am not willing to sit back and say ‘well this is just a fact of life in America today.’”

25:00 Kilmer explains the bipartisan bill he’s sponsoring with Parkland representative, Ted Deutch called The Stop School Violence Act. He has several ideas for responsible gun ownership, bills, and acts.

31:00 Washington is the most trade dependent state in the US. What are the implications of Trump's tariff and trade war on our state?

33:00 Congressman Kilmer discusses House leadership and the next generation of leaders in the House Democratic Caucus.

37:00 How do we ensure that the chief export of our community isn’t our young people?

40:00 Immigration, Dreamers and the Northwest Detention Center.

46:00 A discussion of universal healthcare and a proposed Medicare Bill (HB 676)

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The 5

  1. What is the most underrated restaurant in Washington DC?

  2. Who is the funniest person in any caucus?

  3. Have you seen Black Panther?

  4. What are your Top 4 Star Wars movies?

  5. Is the fight scene with the Praetorian Guards in “The Last Jedi”  the best or the best EVER?


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