Ep. 36: Helping Students of Color Navigate College Campuses -- Dr. Chassity Holliman-Douglas, Evergreen State College


Dr. Holliman Douglas is a Washington transplant by way of Tennessee to Kentucky. She holds degrees from Western Kentucky and Murray State University as well as a doctorate in Ed Leadership and Policy Studies from Eastern Kentucky University. She is the first person to hold this position at the college because the students wanted it, needed it, and asked for it.  She completely believes in a liberal arts education and wholeheartedly believes her (currently unborn) child will attend one, when the time comes.

12:00 What is happening in K-12 that isn’t happening in college? A discussion surrounding equity gaps, female students, historically marginalized students teach them about their future and possibilities.  How should K-12 and Secondary Ed have a conversation?

16:00 Given what’s happening with demographics, how should university prepare for the new generation of students?

21:00 Why is it so difficult for universities to create spaces?

22:00 What should the university role in helping shape our political future moving forward?

28:00 A deep dive into student retention at the college level and the factors that impact it.

33:00 What is service learning and where is it shown in Evergreen and Washington, as a state?

38:00 A conversation surrounding the ratio of faculty of color to students of color.


The 5.1

  1. Solid Book Recommendation?

  2. Favorite Restaurant in town?

  3. If you had absolute freedom, what crazy, kooky program would you put together?

  4. Netflix Recommendation of the moment?

  5. Give me a TV you enjoy?

  6. How did you fall in love with New Edition?



The Chief Diversity Officer: Strategy, Structure, and Change Management

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