Ep. 41: The NWDC, the Private Prison in Our Backyard, Part I


In part one of our deep dive into The Northwest Detention Center, we had a conversation with Lewis Kamb and Monserrat Padilla.

The NWDC, a detention center created to hold undocumented migrants, is the largest private prison in the State of Washington. NWDC is privately owned by the corporation, GEO Group. GEO Group has more than 200 facilities that include both immigration prisons and privately operated prisons.

This week’s guests are Lewis Kamb and Monserrat Padilla. Lewis is an investigative journalist who currently writes for Seattle Times. His previous credits include Seattle PI and Tacoma News Tribune. Monserrat is the Coordinator for Washington Immigrant Solidarity Network. Monserrat has been an LGBTQ Immigrant Coordinating Director, the program coordinator for  QUIP (Queer Undocumented Immigrant Project) for United We Dream.   


Going Further:

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