Ep. 43: The Left Case for the Second Amendment and a Well-Armed Citizenry with the Puget Sound John Brown Gun Club

This week’s guests are three members of Puget Sound John Brown Gun Club: Nacim, Avenir, and Erik.

Nacim is an attorney and proud social justice warrior. We also had Black Lives Matter activist and civics enthusiast, Avenir. And Erik, a functional anarchist who has previously been involved with Occupy New York. The three men who come from vastly different backgrounds (North African immigrant, midwesterner, straight, gay…) have insightful opinions and interesting perspectives.

History Lesson: John Brown was a radical abolitionist. He and his sons armed a small rebellion of escaped slaves and freedmen by raiding a federal arsenal in Harpers Ferry. Read the whole story! Oddly, they don’t seem to teach you much about him in school.

14:00 Gun abolition is dangerous--the state is not here to defend marginalized populations.

25:00 What does the John Brown Gun Club do?

27:00 How does the John Brown Gun Club really feel about the NRA?

31:00 How does PSJBC support Tacoma Against Nazis?

34:00 Is there space for persons of color to discuss firearms, learn how to use them, and maybe even shoot?

42:00 How do we navigate the conversation between gun owning and students asking for gun control?

Members of the Puget Sound John Brown Gun Club at a protest in Seattle this August, Source: Reddit

Members of the Puget Sound John Brown Gun Club at a protest in Seattle this August, Source: Reddit


🌟 Show Contributor Cat’s Note: “I'm simultaneously heartened by their existence and baffled by the notion of being that free with firearms.”


The 5: Long Reads to shape Understanding

The Rifle on the Wall: a Left Argument for Gun Rights

The End of Policing by Alex S. Vitale


Going Further:

Patriot Prayer (they’re awful)

Examples of Hate Symbols (14/88)


Follow the PSJBGC




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