Episode: 17 Colleen O'Brien, KIRO 97.3 FM -- Dear Men, Stop Being Awful to Women Online

Morning Radio Host 97.3 KIRO FM, Feminist, a Real Sno-Homie

Morning Radio Host 97.3 KIRO FM, Feminist, a Real Sno-Homie

Nate's chat with Colleen began with a discussion of her work on the Seattle morning news. Her priority is to approach the news on a personal level. Her goal, with every show, is to share information, facts, perspective and content to help the listener understand the news. Colleen believes wholeheartedly that local media is essential.

The station encourages Colleen to tell a good story. Colleen reflects on some of her more in-depth stories that she has had both the privilege and the courage to attack. In particular, she vocalizes the tragedy of the murder of Mike Compton in Orting and her 3 part series about the struggle.

Some of the other stories she speaks to during the podcast are the human trafficking in Snohomish County and the Opioid epidemic.

Why are men on the internet so awful to women?

One of the most difficult aspects but also most rewarding aspects of Colleen’s show is the feedback. Listeners have the opportunity (and are encouraged) to tweet, email, and even live-text the show with questions and comments. Colleen’s passion and respect for her listeners keep her checking out the texts. Occasionally, and almost predictably, Colleen can tell when a story will evoke feelings in particular listeners that can cause discomfort. She is often inundated with harsh, hateful text messages from persons that feel the need to share their divisive feelings.

Colleen combats the negativity with a segment she calls “Daily Dose of Kindness.” After her news segment, she spends 60 seconds with a bit of joy.

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