Episode 18: Matt Driscoll, Columnist, The News Tribune -- On Print Journalism, Homelessness, Civics, and Athlete Protests

Driscoll with beard, as he should be, photo courtesy TNT

Driscoll with beard, as he should be, photo courtesy TNT

Matt Driscoll is a columnist for the News Tribune. His column resonates with folks in the South Sound because he’s open, honest, and speaks his truth. He investigates, he reports, he shares his opinion. In this episode, Matt shares what drives him to rise & write.

He delves into some of his more well-known columns like the one about Klara Bowman, a Tacoma teacher who was removed from her employment in a kindergarten classroom for making a very large mistake and the media circus leading to her death by suicide.

Matt’s sermon on “Homelessness is Tacoma” is absolute worth the listen of this show. He brings up some valid questions and concerns about the City Council, a firsthand account of Tacoma Tent Stability Site, and criminalizing persons experiencing homelessness.

Nate and Matt get into a heavy conversation about the NFL, concussions, protests, and what it’s like to stop supporting that particular corporation (spoiler: it feels okay). Matt also gives an inside look at his and his colleague John McGrath’s columns regarding the NFL protests.

Nate ends the podcast soliciting some hottakes from Matt in his new feature, The Five:

  1. Last Spring at Evergreen, Weinstein is really, really problematic

  2. I-5 Construction

  3. Jim Merritt

  4. Victoria Woodards

  5. 2020 Presidential Campaign of Jay Inslee




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