Episode 9: Jenna Hanchard, KING 5 News -- Covering Tacoma, TV News, and Ferguson

This week Nate sits down with reporter, Jenna Hanchard, and listens as she speaks of her experiences as a woman of color in White Journalism.

In Jenna’s youth, she wanted to be a poet. As she grew and studied at both Rutgers and Syracuse, she found her way into broadcast media.

In a world in which the public is turning away from the television and turning to their computers, Jenna and her team are learning to engage people in both mediums to most effectively share the happenings and inform the public of the daily news.

Jenna reveals, to Nate’s surprise, her experience reporting from Ferguson, MO for 2 weeks.

As the Tacoma Bureau Chief, Jenna reports from as far north as the Canadian border and as far south as Centralia. She discusses finding a balance in protecting Tacoma stories and finding central themes to cover a more broad audience.

Journalism is a constant competitive struggle. Jenna navigates though by knowing that ‘competition is great for journalism.’ She wanted to work in a land in which she could see herself in others. Jenna’s rich history and unique perspective offer a myriad of emotions in this podcast.

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