Episode 10: Victoria Woodards, Candidate for Mayor of Tacoma

On episode 4 of the podcast, with guests Zach Powers and Korbett Mosesly, we discussed the mayoral race here in Tacoma. In that episode all three of us expressed a preference for Victoria Woodards over Jim Merritt.

In early June, Victoria came to the Lincoln High School Senior Awards Night. There her and I talked about the campaign and she requested to come on the show. Victoria is a graduate of Lincoln, a veteran of the US Military, and a two-term city council member here in Tacoma. As you’ll hear in the interview, one of my favorite things about Victoria is the fact that she shows up in the community.

In this episode, I followed up on some remaining questions that I had from her @CitizenTacoma interview. If you haven't heard that interview you should probably go listen to it first.

Victoria lives on the South End of Tacoma (a rarity for someone running city-wide) and shared insights in this interview about the proposed liquefied natural gas plant, housing affordability (yes, density), and issues involving law enforcement. Toward the end of the interview we discussed how it feels as an African American woman to be painted as the establishment candidate by an architect from the North End.