Episode 11: Evelyn Lopez, Candidate for Mayor of Tacoma

On episode 4 of the podcast, with guests Zach Powers, Korbett Mosesly, we discussed the mayoral race here in Tacoma. In that episode all three of us expressed a preference for Victoria Woodards over Jim Merritt, but also expressed a desire for a third candidate in the race. Not long after the episode was released, Evelyn Lopez announced that she was entering the race. I met her at a recent City Club event and found her both passionate and insightful about civic matters and the local political scene. At the end of our conversation, she asked about coming on the show.

Evelyn was born in New Zealand and is a transplant to Tacoma. She previously worked in the State AG’s office and was executive director of the State Public Disclosure Commission, both of which she discussed in the interview.

I decided to follow up on some questions that I had based on Evelyn's @CitizenTacoma interview. If you haven't heard that interview, you should probably go listen to it first. Evelyn pulls no punches and if you listen to the end you'll hear which of her opponents she would support if she doesn't advance in the primary.