Episode 12: Will James, Reporter @ KNKX 88.5 FM -- On Covering the #CharleenaLyles Shooting & Refugee Resettlement

After being a stringer for the Wall Street Journal, freelancing for NPR affiliates, and working at Newsday, Will ended up as South Sound Bureau Chief at KNKX 88.5 FM. We talked about his recent reporting and the culture shock from moving from the New York to Cascadia..

Nate focused on two of Will's recent stories:

Charleena Lyles Shooting: Will recalls his first time reporting on a person of color being shot by an officer. His account of the family’s emotional response just two days after the incident expresses the reaction of watching the family internally process their feelings in a crowd of her friends and neighbors in the courtyard of her apartment building.

Nate notes, the vast majority of law enforcement are good people with good intentions. However, according to Killed By Police, 1100 people a year are killed by law enforcement. Eleven. Hundred.

Nate and Will discuss the questions with no answers: If she were white, would she be alive? How do police officers with mental illness? How do we de-escalate?

Refugees Resettlement in Western Washington: The Episcopal Diocese of Olympia  has joined a lawsuit by the ACLU against the Trump Administration’s travel ban citing their religious freedom being threatened. The group deems it an obligation of their faith, “we welcome the stranger.”

Washington is the 4th largest state for refugees in the country, specifically 74% are in King, Pierce, and Snohomish counties. The humans that come get some help, enough to begin a new life and head out on a path to sustain it. In a matter of weeks, the resettlement refugees must learn enough English to function, find housing, and establish employment that can pay the increasingly high rent.

The Future

Will discusses the dream projects he has, beginning with The Northwest Detention center, what makes Tacoma desirable, and how Tacomans view themselves.

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