Ep. 46: #NerdFarmReads "We Gon' Be Alight" by Jeff Chang -- Hope Teague-Bowling, IWL and Kenny Coble, King's Books

We Gon Be Alright Jeff Chang Courtesy of Picador.jpg

With Book Club Guests:

Hope Teague Bowling - ELA Teacher, Pod-Spouse, Interchangeable White Lady

Kenny Coble - Tacoma’s Book Seller, Avid Tweeter, Activist, INFJ

5:00 Why should we read this?

8:00 Is diversity for white people?

13:00 What is Jeff Chang’s story?

15:00 “We Got Be Alright” is a profound example of allyship. Discuss.

18:30 Where is the solidarity between all non-whiteness?

19:30 Colorism vs Racism

23:00 Discussing Chang’s voice as a writer.

“Not a single thing that happened in Ferguson would happen in a white community.”

31:00 The media doesn’t care about non-white stories. We can tell our own stories.

35:00 Jeff Chang: “[He’s] always most interested in how people see resegregation happening in their neighborhood.” Gentrification. Resegregation. Displacement.

42:00 “The fate of Brooklyn that tells us about the fate of Ferguson.”

47:00 How do you square this book with the idea that we have consistent black leadership in Tacoma?

48:00 “Should schools try integration based on factors like socio-economic status given the challenge using voluntary race-based measures?’

54:00 Chase Hutchinson “With the discussion in the book about the Oscars, what do you think is to be learned and what do you hope to see with both the films selected this year as well as the broader cinematic art that is to be told in the future?”

There could be something to finding forgiveness, to finding wholeness, to finding reconciliation.

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