Ep. 45: So You Want To Run For Elected Office? -- Anders Ibsen, City of Tacoma and Andrea Cobb, Tacoma Schools

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This week’s guests talk with Nate about running for office and what life is like on the other side.

First up is Deputy Mayor, Anders Ibsen. Anders ran for office of Pierce County Conservation District in 2008 while finishing his senior year at Evergreen State College. He was elected to Tacoma City Council in 2011 and re-elected in 2015. Ibsen is a native Tacoman and a graduate of Tacoma School of the Arts.

The second half of the show is dedicated to Andrea Cobb. Andrea is the current President of the Tacoma School Board. She has a BA is Sociology from Willamette University, Masters in Public Administration from University of Washington (Go Dawgs) and is currently working on a PhD in Education Leadership & Policy Studies. Andrea is also a Proud Lincoln Alum and second generation Abe.

Anders Ibsen:

“The only thing innate is desire. Everything else can be learned.”

11:00 Council District Boundaries.

13:00 How to get involved?

14:00 Getting Started.

16:00 How much to run? Where does the money from?

19:00 What seats are coming open?

22:00 What’s next for Anders Ibsen?

Andrea Cobb:

“If not me, then who?”

27:00 What were your hesitations?

30:00 What’s it like to campaign and raise money?

31:00 Being Legitimate. If you can’t find your space, take it.

35:00 Experience with the Op Ed Board

40:00 I try to live in a place where not everyone is having an experience that is the same as my own.

43:00 If you were the tsar of Tacoma Schools- what would be your focus?

The 5 with Andrea Cobb

  1. Favorite lunch spot in Olympia?

  2. Southern Kitchen or Uncle Thurms?

  3. Choose one song to listen to for the rest of you life?

  4. Favorite member of New Edition?

  5. When you bring folks from out of town, where do you take them?\

Going Further

People For The American Way

Front Line Leader Academy

The Socials

Anders Ibsen Twitter  

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