Ep. 51: Previewing the State Legislative Session, Part I -- Rep Laurie Jinkins and Rep-Elect Melanie Morgan

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Laurie Jinkins 27th LD (3x guest: ep. 32 and 14)

Melanie Morgan 29th LD

5:00 Melanie: How are you navigating your transiton to the State Legislature?

10:00 Laurie: How did the midterms change up the caucus?

13:00 Melanie: About which issues are you most passionate for the 29th?

17:30 Laurie: What are priorities going into session?

27:00 Melanie: As a representative and a Franklin Pierce school board member, what are your thoughts about school funding in the next session?

34:30 What are some things we should look and listen for in the next session about reforming our tax code?

39:00 What are your thoughts on the preposterous state of Western State?

45:00 What conversation is happening in regards to expanding health care access and stabilizing the Obamacare market in Washington state?

47:00 Do you foresee legislation coming to target open carry and magazine size?

58:00 Laurie: Thoughts on deciding whether to hide who you are based on safety.

The 5

  1. Jay Inslee for president in 2020?

  2. Laurie: describe your socks.

  3. Christmas or Thanksgiving?

  4. Melanie: If you had a choice for the next Speaker of the House, who would your choice be?

  5. What is something everybody loves that you can’t stand?

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